Mateusz Horak UX Portfolio

Lead UX with more than twelve years of creative experience

Started as an animator and coder. Mastered AS3 objective programming. Created dozens of awarded interactive flash sites. Spent few years leading the creative specialists team. Moved to creative management. Invented, presented, sold and executed online marketing products. Produced multiple photo & video sessions. Became interested in UX & Interaction Design.

Now, leveraging my whole professional experience to provide the best possible UX...
while not wandering on deck and sailing around the world…

UX skills

Interaction Design
Product Design
Information Architecture Design
Workflow Design
Graphical Design
User Tests

Non-UX expert level skills

Adobe AIR Logo
Flash / AS 3.0 programming
After Effects Logo
After Effects / Premiere - video editing and postproduction
Photo Icon
Photo & video session production
Anchor Icon

Favorite toolset

Pencil and paper
for ideas, sharing, discussion
Adobe CC tools
for wireframing, mockups and graphical design
for rapid prototyping
HTML5/AS 3.0
for high fidelity prototypes
Coffee and chocolates
for user tests

"We are not problem solvers, we are problem definers...

I do not solve the problem I'm asked to solve, because it almost never is a real problem. The real problem is something else and if you can get and figure out what the real problem is, quite often the problem you have been asked to solve goes away..."

Don Norman - Living with Complexity
Good Software UX Design is about providing user with the right toolset. The instantly easy to use and well described workflow that allows him to perform everyday tasks in a pleasant, efficient way.

Great Software UX Design is about providing the user with ultra-efficient workflow and just enough assistance to allow him to master the UI on his own. Learning process should attract user and create an emotional bond between human and program. User should feel superb when using the product.
Lean UX in agile software development process – this is how it should be done.

UX Myths – so simple, so true, so undervalued…

Logic / flow / ideas / patterns / analysis


Graphic design

Flash / motion design / production / 2005 - 2012

Follow the white rabbit

Proffessional profiles

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Polish version:
- Goldenline

m: +48 607 199 344